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We Are the Best Pasadena Movers for Difficult Times

People living in LA have found themselves participating in a pandemic that most of us were not prepared for. Sometimes, this means that you need help with moving to a new location at a time when contagion is high, and your safety needs to be put first. At times like this, you should call upon the best Pasadena movers in the area to help you keep you and your family safe, or to assist in moving your business to a better location. Here at Flash Moving, we’ve done everything in our power to reduce the risk of moving during this challenging time.

Pasadena movers

How We Will Protect You

We have taken steps to increase the safety and protection of both our customers and our staff members. This means that we have taken steps to make sure that everyone knows the best practices, including cleanliness, sanitation and taking precautions to reduce the spread of COVID-19. In order to protect both you and ourselves, we regularly sanitize our trucks, have protocols for the use of hand sanitizer during the move, and also ensure that we are practicing social distancing while we are in your home. If needed, our teams can also make sure to wear protective gloves when they move your goods, and you only need to consult our teams to make sure that this happens. You can find out more about our teams, and their hygiene standards, if you talk to us today about your moving needs.

Taking the Steps To Move

If you know that you have no choice but to move during the pandemic, then you may need the help of our expert teams to make sure that it is done safely, with the least risk possible under the circumstances. For example, we are now able to offer you a remote estimate, which means that we will not have to make person-to-person contact with you until the very day you need to move. If you are not sure about letting people come to your home, then using this system can be immensely helpful. We have also offered homeowners the chance to cancel their move, for example if the move falls down due to pandemic fears, so you can easily get re-booked when you need our help in the future.

Reach Out to Us Today

In order to get the best results from the move, then you should reach out to the absolute best Pasadena movers for your area. Speaking to Flash Moving about your concerns can help you to feel more reassured, and we know that our teams are taking the right steps to fully protect our customers and avoid spreading the pandemic. We want you to have a good and successful move without risking your health, so reach out to us today. For a free quote, send the team a message with your details using our online form today, or call us at (888) 660-4351 now.