Transport Your Stuff With The Best Movers In Glendale

Even in lockdown, some people still need to move home or business. This can mean that you are going out and about when you should be at home, and that you have some concerns about how to get to your new address during this pandemic. You need to reach out to Flash Moving, the best movers in Glendale. As soon as the lockdowns were announced across California, we understood that clients would still need us to help them move, and that they required urgent action from us to take steps to protect both ourselves and them from this highly contagious, deadly disease. If you are having to move out of your home during this difficult time, then we can offer you assurance about our professional practices.

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Best Practices For You And Us

There are some things that we will need to do to make sure that you and our teams are all properly protected. We have introduced some additional safety measures, over and above those which we usually offer, and our teams will be sanitizing equipment and trucks as we go. We will also be using hand sanitizer and social distancing even while we are moving your stuff. This means that we will be able to help you and keep you safe even during this most difficult of times. You do not have to worry about our levels of hygiene, and we will keep to a high standard of sanitation and professionalism when we are moving you. If you want us to, we will also wear gloves while handling your possessions, so that you can be reassured that everything is hygienically handled.

Get Stuff Moved Quickly

If you are packing and moving away from an apartment in a hurry, then you need a team that you know can protect you. This is where our expert moving teams can transport you to your new destination while keeping your items secure. We intend to protect you as well as we can, and keep you and your objects, furniture, and electrical equipment safe during the journey. Don’t be afraid to move during this difficult time, because we are still here to help you and can assist you on your moving day. We can work with you to make sure that you have the best experience of moving possible.

Talk To Us Today About Your Needs

Transferring your entire home during a pandemic is exceedingly difficult, and can put additional strain onto an already tense situation. If you have booked with us previously and decide that you want to stay, we will let you cancel or reschedule for free until May 1st. We are also eager to keep contact to a minimum, so we will do all we can to help you book and provide estimates remotely. To find out more about how we can help you during lockdown if you need the services of movers in Glendale, just reach out to us using our online inquiry form, or call (888) 660-4351 now.