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Top Simi Valley Movers

Moving might not be the most fun that a person ever has. But, moving doesn’t have to be very stressful. Here at Flash Moving, one of our goals is to make moving as stress-free for you as possible. After all, moving is a fresh start. It’s a blank state. Moving to a new place is a new beginning. There are many different ways that Simi Valley Movers can help your new beginning to be great. In this blog, we’ll go over some of the ways that we can make your move easier on you.

Our Simi Valley Movers

There are many reasons that we called our company “Flash Moving.” One of the key reasons was that it shows how we do your move: quickly. We don’t dawdle; we don’t waste time – our professionals show up when they say they’re going to. Then, we get out on the road and get you to where you’re supposed to be. The moving process can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be endless. Here at Flash Moving, our experts know how to make sure that a move goes properly.

The Right Rates

There are few things more frustrating than going through an entire move, getting everything into your new home, being all ready to get situated… only to see that your movers have given you all kinds of hidden charges. It can feel like you’re getting ambushed. Before we started our company, we saw that so many other movers did that, so we resolved not to. When you use Flash Moving, our rates are what our rates say they are. There are no “hidden” fees. You’ll never get a nasty surprise like that. You’ll know what the bill is every step of the way so that everyone is on the same page.

Extra Features

That being said, we do have extra features that you can use. These can make a move easier on everyone. They do cost a bit extra, but they can help to make the move that much better. For example, we can handle oversized items. We can bring extra packing supplies so that everything can get where it’s supposed to go in one piece. Those are important to make sure that not only is your move a good experience but that you have a good start in the new location, too.

top simi valley movers

Included Services

We’re always looking for ways to offer our customers more. That’s why when you use Flash Moving; we wrap all of your furniture for free. We’ve heard of other moving companies that charge you a proverbial arm and a leg for it. By that same token, we’ve even heard of moving companies that tell people “you should wrap your own furniture in blankets and shrink wrap.” No. We’re the movers. That’s our job. So, we wrap all of your furniture in blankets and shrink wrap carefully. Moreover, we have essentially unlimited shrink wrap, so you won’t be charged extra for that, either.

We know there are many ways that other moving companies will jack up rates on customers. We refuse to do that. Stairs are part of the job. You shouldn’t be charged extra just because you live somewhere that has a lot of stairs in it. The same goes for narrow hallways. Assembling and dissembling are also part of the job, we feel, so we don’t charge you for those, either. We believe strongly that the customer should only have to pay for as little as possible.

So, to that end, we cover the truck, the fuel, the plastic wrap, the wardrobe boxes and so much else. We even carry a kind of basic insurance that the customer doesn’t have to worry about. It’s important to point out that even after the move is over, we don’t just cut off all contact. You can reach out to us after the move with any questions you might have and we’ll be happy to answer them. That said, we’re always glad to talk to you before the move, as well. We know that with moving, the more preparation that’s done ahead of time, the better. So, we can work with you to ensure as great a moving day as possible.

In our years of experience as movers, we’ve helped with so many different kinds of moves. We’ve helped families move from one home to the place where they’ll be for a long time. We’ve helped businesses move from their modest beginnings to large facilities. Now, we can put that experience to use for your move. Every move is different. So, to start the moving process, give us a call at (888) 660-4351 or head to our site. There, we can sit down with you and figure out the moving package that’s right for you and your move. We look forward to helping you towards your new beginning.