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Tips to Find Granada Hills Movers for Relocating Out of State

Moving is always an upheaval. There is always plenty to do and even if you plan extremely well, things can always go wrong or things get forgotten. This happens when you’re moving within your own city but what if you are relocating out of state? The moving process is mostly the same, irrespective of distance (except if you are relocating to a different country) but for a long-distance move, it is best to use a professional moving company rather than doing it yourself. 

Here are some tips for finding Granada Hills Movers for relocating to another state who will protect, transport, and deliver your belongings in a professional and reliable manner. 

1. Get Some Quotes

Distance is going to be a major factor in the cost of your move and also, not all removal companies are happy to undertake state-to-state removals. The first stage is to identify a number of moving companies that do long-distance and request quotes from them. You should not have to pay for a quote so rule out any company that doesn’t provide free quotes. 

2. Request an In-home Survey

The best way to get an accurate quote is to ask the moving company to carry out an on-site survey. This enables them to view everything that you require to be moved and also identify anything tricky such as restricted access for large items of furniture. If the company offers a packing service that you wish to take advantage of, they will need the survey to identify the price to charge for not only the labor of packing but also the charge for any materials such as boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. Steer clear of any company that will not carry out a survey – they can only provide an open-ended quote and the final charge could be considerably higher. 

3. Read Customer Reviews

Although there is no guarantee that every review you read is genuine, there are some sites you can put some trust in. Reputable review sites will provide some idea of how customers have felt about the services and the company. It may sound obvious but stay away from movers with too many negative reviews even if their quotes are the lowest. 

4. Carry Out Business Checks

Customer reviews provide a general view of what you might expect from a removal company but you can make other inquiries to inform your choice. You can check the legitimacy of a removal company with the Department of Transportation and also find out if they are members of the American Trucking Association. Another good check is to look for any history of complaints registered at the Better Business Bureau. 

Granada Hills movers

5. Compare the Quotes

This is not just about seeing who has quoted the lowest price. Closely compare the estimates you have received. Understand why there might be a difference between the quotes – it may be the packing fee, the cost of labor, or the mileage charge. Maybe the insurance charge is different (make sure insurance is included.) At the end of the day, the decision should be based on your gut feeling of which is best based on the reviews, checks, and price. 

These tips should help you find the best Granada Hills movers for your relocation to another state. Flash Moving is always happy to provide a free quote based on an in-home survey.