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Tips For Packing Technology From Your Expert Pasadena Commercial Removers

When you move business premises, the days and weeks prior to the ‘big day’ usually involve a lot of cleaning, organizing, and packing up to try to ensure that all of your valuables get to their new destination in one piece! There are plenty of items that are nice and robust, and you don’t have to worry about too much when they have been loaded onto the moving trucks, but on the other side there are also a lot of items that are the complete opposite. A lot of your precious technology possessions, for example, will not fare too well if you just box them casually and throw them in the truck! With this in mind, here are some top tips for packing technology, from expert Pasadena commercial movers!

Keep Your Laptop With You

When it comes to items that you can definitely get away with taking yourself rather than putting it in a moving truck, a laptop is top of the list! Get yourself a good quality laptop messenger bag and you can place it in there to transport it wherever you need to go. This completely eliminates the risk of damage during the move.

Clearly Label Electronic Boxes

For the larger items of tech that you can’t easily carry yourself, the best thing to do is group them together in boxes that are clearly labeled as fragile and important. Any good moving company will pay attention to these labels and will take more care in storing and transporting those vulnerable possessions. Inside the box, you should also do as much as you can to wrap things individually and use plenty of packing peanuts etc. to provide as much cushioning as possible.

Remove Batteries And Cartridges

To safeguard as much as you can against unnecessary damage, it is good practice to remove any batteries and cartridges that you can from various tech items. If you happen to leave anything on by accident, then a battery could start to overheat, or a cartridge could start to leak, which will definitely cause a lot of trouble that could have been avoided and you will only realize when you start unpacking!

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Color Code Your Cables

Half of the struggle of transporting technology systems is having to deal with all of the cables at the end point of the journey! Save yourself a lot of brain ache by color coding the cables with stickers before you pack them up to move them. It will make setting everything up at your new location so much quicker and easier.

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