best movers in Santa Monica

The Best Mover in Santa Monica for Seniors

The best mover in Santa Monica can handle any job. We cater to a variety of clients, including seniors. Nearly 52% of all moves in the US are for individuals over 50. The number will increase considering the increasing baby boomer population.

Moving is already stressful for younger individuals but it is more stressful for seniors. At Flash Moving, we understand the benefits of keeping the move simple while providing you with the best moving assistance.

Work with Well-Experienced Movers

The best mover in Santa Monica are experts in managing relocation and make it less stressful. It does not matter what kind of move you need, from downsizing to transitioning to a retirement community. Our courteous movers will give you customized services to make the moving experience for seniors a more positive one.

Our moving company is fully licensed and insured to ensure that the moving process will be safe. At Flash Moving, we only employ well-trained movers, who are bonded, to get the job done the first time.

We utilize clean trucks and employ moving equipment. Furthermore, we offer packing and unpacking services. To avail of these services, you will have to call our customer support to get a free quote.

best movers in Santa Monica

Not Sure Where to Start?

One of the most difficult things in moving is packing and unpacking. Most moving scenarios involved packing and unpacking.

Our team of movers Santa Monica is well-trained in safely packing and unpacking the possessions of seniors.

Our well-trained pros will do everything they can do make the move of your parents from their house to a retirement community a breeze.

You may also choose to hire us to pack only the delicate items while you handle the rest. With our labor only moving service, we will pack your items and load them to your own truck.

We can tailor your move and customize your packing needs. Customizing your moving needs will guarantee that we can meet your individual requirements.

Best Mover in Santa Monica : Get the Job Done

Seniors have a unique set of requirements. Most of them struggle with anxiety and grief when they have to leave their house.

They are also anxious to have their belongings packed by some people because of their sentimental value. Just leave the task to us and we make sure that your things are taken care of properly when they arrive at your new house.

Our moving company operates under the Grandma Rule. That is, we treat every senior the way we treat our grandparents.

We only offer excellent local moving service. We use the best tools, drive the best truck and implement high-degree moving skills to ensure excellent service.

We make everything a lot easier for you without having to charge you more. In fact, when you look at our hourly rates, you will find that we offer the lowest in Santa Monica.

There is no need to fret when it comes to moving with seniors. Our best movers in Santa Monica can help all your packing and moving needs. To get a free quote, please call us at (888) 660-4351.