The Benefits of Hiring Simi Valley Movers

The Benefits of Hiring Simi Valley Movers

One of the biggest perks to hiring Simi Valley movers is the convenience. If you’ve ever attempted a move before, you know how stressful and almost overwhelming the experience can be. Yet, even if you are calm (and normal) regarding the move, you must admit there is a level on convenience involved when you hire movers. We can all move ourselves, we can all pack, most of us can drive, and we can all hire a van, but it is far less work if we get other people to do it. Here are a few benefits of hiring movers.


Simi Valley Movers Keep Things Organized


Work with a professional team, and you can keep things organized. Work with your friends, family, or even your co-workers or staff, and things can become disorganized very quickly. In fact, you can soon find kitchen items going in the bedroom, and office items left in a storage shed. You can plan, you can organize, and you can keep things organized easier if you are using a good moving company.


Experienced Movers Make It Easy


Moving experience is something that can very much be worth paying for. The fact that the moving company employees know how to move a large chest of drawers down two flights of stairs without chipping the wallpaper is going to make your life far easier. Experienced movers know how many hours a job will take certainly can make your life a lot easier. There are often unexpected benefits to bringing in the professionals, such as them telling you where the water shutoff valve is, or how they can stack things so that fewer runs are required.

The Benefits of Hiring Simi Valley Movers1

Lower the Number of Trips Required


Hiring a moving company usually means you will make fewer trips when moving. First off, movers know how to pack and stack in a way that gets more items in the van or truck. The second reason is because moving companies have equipment and stacking tools that make stacking easier and more efficient. Thirdly, moving companies have bigger vans and trucks that can store more. All of this adds up to your move requires fewer trips.


Forget Heavy Lifting


One of the benefits of hiring a moving company is that they do all the heavy lifting. This is handy if you do not fancy doing the heavy lifting yourself, or if your health or condition will not allow you to do the heavy lifting. Plus, movers should be insured so that if heavy items fall and break, then you’ll be compensated. Additionally, the moving company should also be insured so that their staff members are covered for lifting accidents/injuries. You are probably not going to receive any compensation from your insurance company if you injure yourself while lifting.


Hiring A Moving Company May Save You Money


How and why you save money is dependent on the cost of the movers, as well as how easily you may have done it all yourself. In terms of staff-hours and associated costs, it is probably better to hire professionals who are insured and have the experience to do the job efficiently. Plus, movers are likely to have equipment that you would normally have to rent, such as barrows, trolleys, and hand trucks. If the movers can get the job done with fewer trips, then that will save you money over doing the job yourself.


Insurance and Safety


A good moving company should be insured so that your items are covered, and so that the people doing the moving are covered. They should also be insured for any damage that the moving process does to other people. In terms of coverage, you can hire movers where you are not liable for anything that goes wrong during the move. One may also hope that the actual act of moving is safer for all concerned because the movers have done a risk assessment and are trained on workplace health and safety, hopefully.


Conclusion – Think of The Things Your Moving Company Is Not Telling You


This article has documented the benefits of hiring a mover, but do not forget that there are unscrupulous companies out there that do not have your best interests at heart. Fox News listed ten of the most common movers tricks that movers pull to rip you off or trick you. They range from bait-and-switch scams, to companies that have such powerful unions behind them that they can sue you if you give them bad reviews. Fox also covers one of the most common tricks, which is to quote you a lower price and then demand more money for the move when moving day actually comes around. Be prepared for such tricks, and always have a backup plan. Choose a reputable company like to be sure.