Terms and Conditions

Estimate Guidelines – Please note that online estimates are intended as approximations and aren’t binding. They’re based on our cumulative experience with similar moves but since each move has its own unique aspects, we don’t offer flat-rate estimates online. We can, however, provide a binding all-inclusive flat-rate estimate following an in-person assessment of your household items.

Pricing Factors – The cost of our services will be calculated based on the information you provide during the online or phone consultation. Various factors affect the total service time and consequently the cost, including the presence of stairs or elevators, the distance from your residence to where our truck is parked, and the drive time.

Service Duration Requirements – Our company mandates minimum service durations. On most non-peak days, a minimum of three hours is required to schedule a move. Saturdays, certain cities, and peak days may necessitate a minimum of four hours. Please consult with our booking agents to understand the specific requirements for your moving date.

Cancellation Terms – For information on how to cancel and the associated conditions, please refer to our updated cancellation policy here.

Drive Time Charges – We follow the California Public Utilities Commission’s (CPUC) standard method of Double Drive Time (DDT) billing. This practice, which charges twice the time taken to drive between your loading and unloading locations, simplifies billing and is outlined in the Maximum Rate Tariff document (Item 36, p. 9). Visit the CPUC website for more details.

Packing Services – Our team can pack your belongings if you haven’t done so. We provide plastic wrap and tape at no extra cost, but you can purchase additional packing materials like boxes, packing paper, and bubble wrap if needed.

Assembly Services – We readily assemble and disassemble furniture items such as beds and tables. Our vehicles are equipped with the necessary tools for these tasks.

Furniture Care – We offer free use of up to 40-60 moving pads/blankets, packing tape, and plastic wrap to protect your furniture during the move.

Additional Costs – Unless a flat-rate estimate is provided, customers are responsible for local tolls and metered parking fees. Similarly, any parking tickets incurred due to inadequate parking provision or lack of parking permits are the customer’s responsibility.

Insurance Coverage – Each move includes a basic liability coverage of 60 cents per pound per article, in compliance with the California Public Utilities Commission’s requirements. For additional coverage, you can purchase separate insurance, though we don’t endorse any specific insurer.

Special Items and Perishables – Please identify items worth more than $100 per pound; these will be noted in our inventory. We cannot take responsibility for perishables or valuables like laptops, jewelry, collectibles, etc., and suggest you transport these personally.

Appliance Services – We do not handle the reconnection of water and gas lines. Customers insisting on such services must ensure proper connection to avoid mishaps, as we carry no liability for these tasks.

Particle Board Furniture Caution – While we endeavor to protect all your furniture, we cannot assume responsibility for damage to press-board or particle furniture, which often doesn’t withstand moving pressures and vibrations well. Disassembling such furniture is recommended for safer transport.

Property Damage Disclaimer – When moving heavy items like safes or large appliances in tight spaces, property damage (walls, floors) may occur. We are not liable for such damages if you choose to proceed with these moving conditions.

Instrument Handling – We are skilled in moving pianos, organs, and similar items but don’t cover any mechanical or electrical malfunctions unless caused by external damage during the move.

Additional Service Charges – Charges may apply for packing materials (beyond tape and plastic wrap), moving heavy items, pianos, overnight storage, double drive time, and tolls.

Equipment Rental Terms – Equipment retained by the customer is subject to a security deposit. The first 14 days are free, followed by a 50% deposit charge for the next 30 days. Full deposit retention applies after 45 days. Returning the equipment to our warehouse is the customer’s responsibility unless another move is booked with us.

Payment Policy – Full payment is due at the end of the move. We accept cash or card payments, with charges accruing until payment is complete. The primary cardholder must be present for credit card transactions.

Safety Protocols – We prioritize our crew’s safety. If a moving task is deemed unsafe, we reserve the right to refuse service. We aren’t liable for damages resulting from unusual moving practices.

Work Environment – Our crews work efficiently without rushing to ensure the safety of your belongings and our staff. We won’t continue work under pressure to rush.

Tipping Guidelines – While not obligatory, tipping is appreciated for satisfactory service. The amount can vary based on the move’s complexity and length.

CPUC Booklet – It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the “Important information for Persons Moving Household Goods” booklet. This guide, provided by the CPUC, elucidates the intricacies of the moving process and outlines consumer rights within California.”