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Risks When Using A Moving Company in Pasadena without Insurance

There are risks involved when you use a moving company in Pasadena without insurance. It is true that federal and state governments control the moving industry. However, there are companies that are improperly regulated, such as operating without insurance.

Insurance is quite expensive. For that reason, most moving companies are reducing their overhead by not getting insurance. But they do charge their consumers a lower fee. However, hiring an uninsured company can be risky.

Risks of Hiring a Moving Company in Pasadena without Insurance

1. Personal Liability

When you hire an uninsured company, you are liable for the company’s employees when they work at your property. Without a workers’ compensation insurance or general liability coverage, their employees will sue you if they are injured.

Are you willing to take that risk? If you are not, then make sure to check the insurance coverage of a moving company you wish to hire. Make sure that it is clearly stated in the contract before signing anything.

2. No Protection for Your Things

Apart from taking more personal liability, your possessions are not protected while they are being moved in the company’s truck. Now, if the truck crashed and all of your things are damaged, there is no way to get recourse.

The federal law orders all moving companies to insure the items they are transporting at a minimum of 60 cents for every pound. Some reliable companies can offer you full coverage but for an extra fee. If you wish to know how much insurance you can get for your items when you choose our moving company, please contact our movers today.

3. Disrespect You

If the company does not have any insurance, then it is a form of disrespect to its clients. It is not worthy of your trust if it does not care enough to provide protection to your possessions. It is true that material things can be replaced easily. But their memories cannot.

Moving is already stressful. Thus, you must not make it stressful by hiring an uninsured company.

moving company in Pasadena

Work with an Experienced Company

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When it comes to fees, we can provide you a free quote. The quote includes everything about the move. Thus, there are no surprise costs to deal with after the process has ended. For more information, please call our moving company in Pasadena: (888) 660-4351.