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Organize your move with our Santa Monica moving company

Whether you are moving to a new home, or are changing the address of your business, you need to be really organized in order to make the moving day a success. Unless you are fully prepared for what is to come, you may struggle to be stress-free on your moving day. Only by making sure that you have a plan for everything, and know what you are doing, can you pull off a successful change of address. With good organization, careful planning and help from Flash Moving, the specialist Santa Monica moving company, you can get into your new property without a struggle. Follow these simple steps to reduce your stress.

Make a to-do list

You might think that this is obvious, but we don’t mean just a little list on a single sheet of paper. We mean a to-do list of all the lists that you will be making. Need to arrange the moving date with your removals team? Need to plan a trip to goodwill with all of your unwanted items? Want to have a free day to organize your packing? Put it all on the master list. Then, you can turn over the page and write a list of the dates that you will be free, a list of goodwill organizations that will take your goods, and even your plan for the free day you intend to pack. Don’t forget to include a list of utility companies to cancel services with and returns that you will need to manage before you leave. Get everything on that list of lists, and make sure that you follow it to the letter.

Santa Monica moving company

Have a box of moving supplies

You’re moving out, right? That means that you don’t want to bring in anything new since you will just have to carry it out again. Except, you will need a quick trip to your local hardware shop to pick up all the things you will need while moving. Buy a cheap screwdriver to help you take the screws from your furniture before you put it into a flat pack. Buy a pile of cardboard boxes; some additional screws for your furniture; measuring tapes and the biggest broom you can find. Don’t forget packing tape, packing peanuts and protective materials. If you are moving out of a rented apartment, you might also want a box of putty and some multi-purpose glue.

Fix a date with your moving company

When you are arranging the date to move into your new home, take some time to think about what day would be best for you. You don’t have to take the first one on offer, and you should certainly think about a date which is convenient for you. You’ll need at least a month, and more like six weeks, to arrange a date with a Santa Monica moving company like us. Try to find an affordable slot that is suitable for you, and if you have any questions you can contact us online, or simply call our staff at (888) 660-4351 now.