movers in Pasadena

No Fuss, No Hassle Movers in Pasadena

No-fuss, no-hassle that is what you want from movers in Pasadena. Well, you’re in luck, because here at Flash Moving, that’s what we offer you. Moving is a pain at the best of times. The first hurdle, whether it is a corporate or household move, is what to do with all that accumulated junk that you have forgotten about for years. Once you have decided what’s going with you to your new abode, then the packing starts. There’s no way around it, packing is tedious. It is also time-consuming, especially for all those delicate or fragile items. So, why not take the fuss and the hassle out of moving by letting us do it?

movers in Pasadena


We do not claim to be the cheapest movers, but we are competitively affordable. We aren’t some fly-by-night bunch of cowboys, but a dependable and established firm. In the last 9 years, we worked all over the Greater Los Angeles area and have built a good reputation. A reputation that we are proud of and intend to keep by excellent service and attention to detail. Each new member of our team is instructed on how to wrap and pack items or belongings to keep them safe in transit. How to load, unload your furniture, or office equipment, safely. All our employees are covered by our company liability and personal injury insurance, so the customer has no worries on that score.

No Frills

In an effort to abide by our no fuss, no hassle rule, we have made our rates and services easy to understand and choose from. So, if you are in need of movers in Pasadena, check us out first. Based on the size of the move, the amount of content to be moved, this is what we offer:

Ø  2 movers and a truck

Ø  3 movers and a truck

Ø  4 movers and a truck

This is the basic model of the moving services that we offer and you can choose from. Of course, this one fits all scheme may not cover your needs or circumstances. Depending on the size of the move you may need additional personal or transportation. That will be worked out before anyone lifts a finger. You can rest assured that the quote you receive will be detailed and upfront, with no hidden charges or extras. There won’t be any surprise fuel or mileage charges tacked on at the last moment.


What you will get with all of the above packages are:

  •         Free blankets for wrapping large and bulky items
  •         Free shrink wrapping to protect smaller items
  •         Free packing
  •         Free wardrobe boxes
  •         Free tools


Relocating may be something that you dread, most people do. For us, it is our business and we take it very seriously indeed because it is our livelihood. So, if you don’t want any fuss or hassle, come to us Flash Movers, the best movers in Pasadena. You can contact us through our website for a free, no-obligation quote or you can simply call us with your queries.