Best Moving Company in Santa Monica

Millennials — Here are the Ways to Pick the Best Moving Company

Millennials in Santa Monica are moving and they are choosing carefully where they must live next based on a lot of factors. Most of them move because of high-paying jobs. However, just like other generations, Millennials find moving to be arduous. That’s why they need to choose the best moving company in Santa Monica to help with the process. If you’re a Millennial and you are planning to move in or out of Santa Monica, here are some tips to help you hire the best moving company.

Tips to Consider to Hire the Best Moving Company in Santa Monica

Take Inventory

A reputable moving company will survey your belongings and find out the bulk and weight of your move before giving you an estimate. A moving company will send an estimator to your house to check your house. Keep in mind that one of the factors to consider when pricing the move is the weight of your stuff. When the estimator gives you the quote, make sure to understand what each item is included. Make sure that it’s accurate.

Best Moving Company in Santa Monica

Walk Through

Don’t hire a mover whose estimator performs a walk-through but doesn’t note the things you plan to move. A good estimator will ask several questions about your stuff. Thus, it’s ideal that you prepare the items you wish to move before the estimator visits your house. In that case, you should sort your things out. For instance, you should have a box that has the things that you want to give away and another box that you want to donate to charity. If you’re planning to have a yard sale, you have another box for those items.

Avoid Paying a Large Deposit

A reputable company doesn’t demand a large sum of money before moving. Instead, a trusted company must only ask for your payment upon delivery. However, according to this blog, “It’s not necessarily a red flag if the company does request one. Watch out for how much is being requested and never pay with cash or wire transfer. Deposit payments made by credit card are the safest way to ensure you can get your money back in the event you’re being scammed.”

Get References

You can ask your family or friends if they can recommend a moving company. If they can’t give you recommendations, you may search online. You may also search the American Moving and Storage Association. Every time you interview a professional mover, ask for references. A reputable company won’t hesitate to give you a list of customers from your area who used its services. And make sure to call these customers and ask for their experiences. If they have a less-stressful experience with the company, they’ll recommend it.

Start Interviewing

Finding the best moving company in Santa Monica starts with an interview. But make sure to request a quote. Obtain a quote from us by calling here: (888) 660-4351.