Insurance Information

Flash Moving is dedicated to professionalism and expertise in our services. We strive to handle your belongings with the utmost care and efficiency. Nevertheless, we recognize that accidents can happen. As a responsible, licensed mover, we provide complimentary cargo protection for our customers. Mandated by the California Public Utilities Commission, this basic coverage offers 60 cents per pound for each item damaged. Should you require more comprehensive coverage, we suggest consulting external insurance providers for extensive moving insurance options.

Flash Moving specifically excludes coverage for high-value items such as portable, costly electronics (e.g., smartphones, laptops, tablets), jewelry, money, and collectible items. We advise that you personally transport these valuables or discuss each item with the head mover for appropriate packing. For additional details on coverage limitations, please see our “Terms and Conditions” section.

In the event of any damages, Flash Moving takes responsibility seriously. If you discover damage post-move, please contact us immediately. Our team will examine the circumstances, and we will determine the best course of action—whether repair, replacement, or compensation.

Regarding Business Liability Insurance, this is often a requirement for high-end apartment buildings and commercial office spaces. For acquiring a certificate of business liability insurance, please coordinate with us and our insurance agency well in advance of your move.