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House Packing Tips from Granada Hills Movers

Your moving date is suddenly looming large and you have got to get ready for the move. It’s a dreadful feeling have that hanging over your head. There’s so much to do and you don’t know where to start. Fortunately, it won’t seem so bad once you get stuck into it. It is just a question of a little preparation. Packing correctly will certainly help the move go more smoothly. Also, not leaving everything to the last minute and having a good clear out beforehand. Get rid of all those unwanted items and you have less to pack. We here at Flash Moving are professional Granada Hills movers and would like to give you a few tips on how to make you’re moving a bit easier.

Start with Your Storage Places First

Attics, basements, sheds, and closets are all places where junk accumulates. Some things stored in these places may useful and you want to keep. Throw out anything you don’t need. It will save you a lot of time on packing. You may also find your heavier and more awkward belongings, such as tools and equipment, there too.

Dismantle Large Pieces of Furniture

Some very large, awkward, or heavy furniture may need to be dismantled. This is not only to make them easier to transport, but also to lessen the potential for damage. This is especially true for antiques or high-end items. Once disassembled, make sure every piece is adequately wrapped. It’s a good idea to attend to these items first because it can take time.

Put Heavy Items in Smaller Boxes

It is a good idea to separate the heavier items and put them into smaller boxes on their own, if at all possible. If separated, they won’t squash or damage other items in the same box. This is also for easier handling. They can go on the floor of the truck, whereas the lighter ones can be used to fill spaces.

Use a Methodical Approach

Be systematic about your packing. Choose to do one room at a time. Leave the boxes in a neat pile for easy access and handling. A good idea is to start at the top and work down. Labelling, numbering, and a checklist of your belongings are recommended.

Wrap Your Belongings

It is better to wrap each individual item separately. You can use tissue paper, newspaper, and bubble wrap to ensure that each has a sufficient cushion against jolting during the move. Tape your boxes closed. Important documents and items of sentimental value should travel with you.  Adequately wrapped fragile items can be placed on the truck last so that they can be unloaded first and put in a safe place.

Granada Hills movers

Make Your Move Easier

As Granada Hills movers, we at Flash Moving recommend the few steps above. Our moving company also offers a packing service, if you don’t want to bother yourselves. Alternatively, we can supply you with all the packing materials that you will need. If you have need of either service don’t hesitate to contact us through our website.