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Data Protection Tips from The Best Movers in Sherman Oaks

When it comes to making a big move from one property to another, there are a few different things that you have to take into consideration between a residential move and a commercial move. Something that might not be a factor for a home move, but something that is incredibly important to think about for a business move, is the notion of data protection which by inference includes the security of IT equipment. If you are about to embark on your first business move, then it’s essential to have this in mind when undertaking the task. Here are some of the best data protection tips, from the best movers in Sherman Oaks.

Provide Staff Training

If you are leaving your employees to be responsible for transporting some of their own equipment, then provide them with the proper training to know how to protect their accounts and devices whilst they are on the move. This can include things like backing up files in secure cloud storage in case anything physical becomes broken or damaged in the move, or even lost or stolen. Backing up means all data can be recovered when needed.

Take An Inventory

If you have been working in a busy, bustling office environment then it can be hard to keep track of everything going in and going out. To make sure that nothing with sensitive data and information gets left behind, make an inventory of all that is being transported so that you can double check everything has arrived at the new location.

Trust Your IT Department

If there is anything about the move and the data protection protocols that you don’t understand, do not be afraid to have a discussion with the IT guys in your office about what is happening. They will be able to talk you through all of the most essential information and put it in a palatable way that you will be able to understand.

Pack Smartly

Even with all your data safe in a cloud, it is still important to make sure that you pack your technology in a secure manner to protect it as best you can during the move. You want to be able to unload at the new office and get straight to work, and using the appropriate materials for tech packing is essential. Stay away from using things like packing peanuts and Styrofoam chips because they run the risk of getting into small vents and fans in your tech. Instead, use something like bubble wrap that isn’t going to move around and release small ‘bits’ to roam free in the boxes. If you would like some assistance from the best movers in Sherman Oaks, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Flash Moving. Our squad has years of combined experience with all kinds of moves and is ready and waiting to help you out and answer any questions that you might have. We very much look forward to hearing from you and being able to carry out your requirements!