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Moving can be a very tense experience, even at the best of times, so when we are in the middle of the worst of times, with lockdowns across the country and a serious illness sweeping our nation, having to transport your possessions to a new location can be exhausting. We know that you are afraid for yourself and your loved ones, and we also know that landlords do not often compromise in these matters. This is why Flash Moving, a professional Santa Monica moving company, is here to help you keep yourself safe, protecting you and your family against any difficulties. You can find out today what we can do for you during this global crisis.

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Protection And Safety

During lockdown, our moving teams will follow a strict new set of guidelines designed to limit our exposure to you and your possessions. We have set out rules including sanitation, precaution and hygiene designed to reduce the chance of infection being spread while we are working in your home. We also have protocols including the use of hand sanitizer at regular intervals during the move, cleaning and sanitizing moving equipment and trucks, and sticking to social distancing rules both with our customers and with the teams themselves. We hope that this will help you to feel more reassured about our services, and how we can help you to move out of your old property during a crisis. Rather than making the circumstances more distressing, we hope to help make this move as easy as possible for you. We have included more details of our moving protocols so that you will know you are safe in our hands.

Cost-Effective Moving

We know that you might be on furlough from your job while this lockdown is in place, working from home or otherwise struggling to earn as much as usual. This is why we are keen to remain one of the most affordable moving companies in LA, so that our services aren’t going to eat a hole in your shrinking budget. You can talk to us about our services, or even reschedule for a time when you hope lockdown will be reduced. So, simply reach out to us today, and let us assist you with making your move easier during this very difficult time.

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You know that you have to keep yourself and everyone around you safe, and are doing your best, but arranging a moving team can be hard during these times. Flash Moving is here to help you arrange every step of the process, and we will do our best to limit the spread of infection by taking sensible precautions. So when you need a reliable Santa Monica moving company to help you in the midst of a crisis, we are here to assist you. Just reach out to the team today by using our online inquiry form, or call us on (888) 660-4351 for remote estimates and other help with moving.