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Best Corporate Movers in Los Angeles for a Successful Relocation

If it is time for your company to relocate, make sure to only hire the best corporate movers in Los Angeles. But that is not enough. For a successful relocation, you must only relocate at the right time.

Timing is everything even in commercial moving. With proper timing, you can save a lot of money and make it easier for your employees to transition to your new office. But when is the right time to make a corporate move?

1. Middle of the Week

Most companies would like to move during the weekend. But their workers are not willing to assist their employers because they do not want to compromise their weekend plans.

Thus, schedule your corporate move in the middle of the week. Moving in the mid-week will also allow you time to get settled in your new office. In that case, you are ready to serve your clients again the next Monday.

2. Mid-Month

Apart from choosing the middle of the week, you must also opt to move in the middle of the month.

The start and end of the month are busy times for most businesses. Your employees are already overworked. Thus, they might find it difficult to be ready for the move.

When you choose the middle of the month, you can avoid overworking your employees. Thus, choose the second or third week of the month for a smoother move. Call our corporate movers in Los Angeles today to schedule your move. Or talk to us to get a free quote.

corporate movers in Los Angeles

3. Pick Business Hours

It is appropriate if the building where your company will be relocated allows moving during business hours. These hours make planning and executing your move to be a lot easier.

Your workers will also cooperate well. Business hour is also ideal so that you will not be charged extra for after hour moves. Some buildings charge additional fees if you need a freight elevator operator during your move.

Best Corporate Movers in Los Angeles : Is It Wise to Relocate in the Summer?

Unfortunately, summer is the peak season for moving. Most office relocation is done within this season.

At Flash Moving, we cater all moves in any season. However, we do recommend to book our service early.

We do not charge additional fees during peak season. However, if you can wait until off-season moving, then that would be better. During off-season moving, we can provide you flexible hours for your moves.

It is also vital to make a corporate move when the weather is nice. We may need to re-schedule your move if we anticipate snow, hurricanes or blizzards during your moving schedule.

Severe weather can affect our corporate movers’ efficiency. Bad weather can also pose risks to our movers and to your possessions. Thus, make sure to find the safest time to relocate.

Always plan well in advance. Start planning your move at least six months before you actually make the transition. In that way, you can make the transition without burdening yourself.

Our corporate movers in Los Angeles are here to make your move smooth and easy. Call us today to get a free quote: (888) 660-4351.