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Advice on How to Transport Liquids by San Gabriel Valley Movers

When you think about the prospect of moving from one property to another, the first kinds of images that spring to mind are large pieces of furniture and boxes of all sorts of belongings from crockery to clothes that need to be secured in vans and moved in a pretty standard manner. But these aren’t the only types of goods that need to be transported during a move or relocation. 

Depending on how much you have to move and if relevant, what kind of business you are moving, the question of liquids might come into the equation. Things like industrial chemicals, household chemicals, wine collections and craft beer collections and even the contents of your cocktail cabinet/bar all need to be considered in detail, so with this in mind, here are some tips from your local San Gabriel Valley movers on how to pack liquids before relocation.

Make Use Of Plastic Bins

It is highly recommended that large plastic bins be used to transport substantial amounts of liquids, because they provide a much better form of protection when placed alongside all of the other moving boxes. While other items can easily be placed in cardboard boxes, that obviously isn’t ideal for breakable bottles that can easily start to leak out. If everything is confined to plastic sealed bins, then even if the worst does happen and something breaks, you have the assurance that the damage is only going to be confined to the carton holding the liquids rather than seeping onto other valuables.

Do No Rush The Packing

One of the best pieces of advice to follow is making sure that the right amount of time is taken to pack up the liquids in a safe and secure manner. Rushing is never going to produce the results that you want, and mistakes will inevitably be made which will only result in costing you a lot more money in the long run. Pack liquids slowly and carefully, starting with the larger, fuller bottles and containers and then moving on to smaller, lighter items that don’t need quite as much care. Separate glass bottles with sheets of bubble wrap or packing paper to prevent friction causing damage.

Label Properly

If you are doing the packing and have only hired your movers to come and transport the packed boxes later, then labeling can be your best friend. Make sure that you label all of your boxes containing liquids as fragile, as this will ensure that the movers will handle them with extra care and attention and place them in the moving vans the right way up and much more delicately. The loading process will be much easier and much more stress free if you make the effort to label everything accordingly and appropriately.

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