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Advice For Relocating With Toddlers from Expert Alhambra Movers

You should get the help of Alhambra movers if you are looking to move. The further away you are moving, the less you should take. It is far easier to sell most of your stuff if you are moving cross country. If not, then be prepared for a long trip, several trips, and lots of work. Here are just a few tips to help you get started if you are relocating and you also have toddler children.

Don’t Move Your Kids With The Final Van

Take your kids in the car or by some other means. You probably can’t fit them all in the van anyway, but if you can avoid them going when the vans go, then that will help a lot. You don’t want kids getting tripped over when the vans are moving. If you can get somebody else to take care of them for the day, and then pick them up when you have moved in, then that is a big help. Try to keep your kids outside of the process. This is not always easy, but you will get more done when your kids are not kicking around. Even if this means packing a few boxes at night when your kids are asleep, it is better than doing it when your kids are around and watching.

Do As Much as You Can Before You Make Your Final Move

The more you prepare, the better you pack, then the easier it is to move. Plus, if you do have kids, then mistakes and delays are not acceptable but expectable. You need help, you need to take as much time as needed, and preferably you need to be working weeks ahead of your move. You should even come up with a few storage solutions that are packable and easier to transport. The last thing you want to do is scratch around for items and try to precariously stack things when you are moving and you have kids running around your feet. 

Dump it All in One Room and Lock The Door

When you get into your new place, you want to move the bigger items into the rooms where they belong. However, most items, from coffee tables to boxes of books, all need to be placed in a single room and the door needs to be locked. The last thing you want is for your kids to go rummaging through boxes, knocking things over, and trying to play with the kitchen knives. You are rushing when you arrive at the new house, and you don’t have time to make sure everything is safe. Drop things in a single room and then sort them out later when the kids are at school or nursery. 

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Hire People to Help You

This should really go without saying. You need people to help you move. If you are looking for Alhambra movers, then get in contact with Flash Moving. Let them know when you need them and discuss what you need the movers to do. Getting help will make the whole process a lot easier and a lot safer. Plus, you can have the movers place things around your new home when you get there, which makes the unpacking a lot easier.