corporate movers in Los Angeles

A Step by Step Plan for Engaging with Corporate Movers in Los Angeles

A commercial move is a big job and one that presents different challenges than a residential move. Moving a corporation may especially difficult because of the volume of furniture and supplies that have to get from the old place to the new place. Hiring corporate movers in Los Angeles is a really good idea because they have the experience and training to help you get the job done from start to finish. Here’s a plan for getting it all done:

corporate movers in Los Angeles


  • Plan Early


Planning early means you won’t be scrambling at the last minute to get everything done. Chances are you need to be out of your old place by a certain date and you don’t want to have the stress or cost of having to stay longer. Plan your day by day schedule with a written log of what will be packed and moved each day so that you get it all done on time. You may need as much as a few months’ notice to move properly so get started as soon as you know you’ll be making a move.


  • Put Someone in Charge


Instead of having a bunch of people doing plenty of actions while not communicating properly, put one person in charge of the move. That person can keep track of what’s been done and what still needs to be done. They can also delegate tasks and help everyone stick to the timeline. Someone with experience is your best choice, but an administrative expert is also a good resource.


  • Find a Good Moving Company


You should never just call the first moving company you find. Do some research and talk to other people to get referrals for good places. Talk to the companies to talk about your specific corporate needs so that you can be sure you choose corporate movers in Los Angeles with experience and training with this kind of job.


  • Don’t Forget About the Tech


One of the biggest challenges that goes with a corporate move is disconnecting, moving and reinstalling the internet as well as other electronic devices used in an office building. You need to have your IT department on board with this so they can take the reins in terms of how to do it properly. This isn’t something you can leave to the movers so be sure it’s part of your plan. Additionally, you want to have people appointed from the IT department to work on the tasks necessary to make the move.


  • Change Your Address


You’ll need to let clients and other business contacts know that you’re moving and give them your new address. Do this as soon as you’re ready to move so that your mail isn’t lost, and so you meet all of your important deadlines. Order new envelopes with the new address so that you can use it going forward.

A corporate move isn’t something you should do alone and expert corporate movers in Los Angeles are a great resource for getting it done right. Careful planning and hiring the right helpers is all it takes to make your move a success.

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